Housing exchange, Greece

This is “plagiada”. There are two farming houses on a little over 8000 square meters of land, two kilometers on an unpaved road to the village. This is where I was born. In 2003 the houses were deserted and falling in ruins. The roofs were sagging, the rain was going thru, the walls were crumbling, the windows, or whatever was left of them  were flapping open. I have decided  to save them and retire here.

View of the entrance of the house offered ln exchange

By 2004 the essential repairs were done and slowly I started moving here. I sent my furniture from Canada, I did the final touching and waiting for my wife to retire before moving here.

Unfortunately this never happened. I blame it on the austerity measures due to the economic situation in Greece and the high taxes I would have been paying as a resident there. So I am back in Canada and go to Greece every summer as a visitor.

Original floor done before 1900

I am thinking that probably will be a good idea to use the one house in exchange for holidays. We offer the house for the period we are there, usually May to the end of September in exchange for at least one bedroom with private bathroom, between the months of January and March, preferably near a beach in south America (Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina ou Uruguay).

What we offer: For the peace and tranquility lovers:

with visitors from Brazil

view of the roof

An independent house (see pictures) consisting of one bedroom, living room, ( one bed king size, a futon for two and possibly an other bed if required), bathroom, large covered veranda and kitchen facilities in the other house. 200 liters solar hot water tank and powered with photovoltaics. No air conditioning.


A view of the two houses. The almond tree on the front with the outdoor oven behind

fishermen’ s harbor (13km from house)


closest beach. 13km by car from house


The fireplace

We are about 340 kilometers from the Athens airport, 13 kilometers driving distance to the nearest beach (11km on paved road), crystal clear beach. 5km walking distance thru trails to the same beach and 19 km driving distance to Monemvasia. Friends are always welcomed without conditions.See the following link on the google earth map for the exact location.

Friends are always welcomed with no preconditions


for location on google maps

go to the satellite version

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