This is an individual web page at the start. I may accept other individuals who are experts in a defined field, upon request and approval.

My definition of a world expert is a person who has special and profound skill or knowledge related to a particular subject that few people in the world may be compared with this person. An inventor fits my definition as a world expert.

A minha definição de um especialista mundial é uma pessoa que tem habilidade ou conhecimento relacionado a um determinado assunto que poucas pessoas no mundo se podem comparar com essa pessoa. Um inventor se encaixa na minha definição como um especialista mundial.

Ο ορισμός μου “παγκόσμιος ειδικός πεπειραμένος” είναι όποιος έχει εκτεταμένη γνώση και πείρα σε ένα συγκεκριμένο θέμα σε βαθμό που ελάχιστοι στον κόσμο μπορούν να συγκριθούν μαζί του. Θεωρώ έναν εφευρέτη παγκόσμιο ειδικό.